Friday, February 6, 2009

Students raising awareness about the plight of Homelessness

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. will be hosting "Sleep Out for The Homeless" 7:00 p.m. tonight at the Oklahoma Memorial Union and the South Oval. The purpose is to spread awareness about the plight of homelessness in the Norman and Oklahoma City area.

"Anyone who has a family, lost their job, or in college we can provide a more eating and living expenses, Vince Winston said UOSA Vice President and Phi Beta Sigma member. As a component, we are actually raising food and clothing to the local shelter."

"Sleep Out for the Homeless" will be a 12-hour event expected to have a guest speaker, movie based on homelessness, and the "Can Good Hunt." According to Winston, the program will then move from the OMU to the South Oval where students and other volunteers build their house.

Last year, Winston said the event raised over 300 canned goods, about 150 articles of clothing along with donations of nearly $200.00. 

"Homelessness is not just that bum on the street, they now look like us," Winston said.

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