Saturday, February 14, 2009

    SAAB prays  holding hands before every meeting. SAAB's purpose is looking have more African American men presence in events and organizations. 

Men looking to change their communities

Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) in conjunction with the Black Student Association hosted "I Am My Brother's Keeper" on Wednesday at the HTCC. SAAB looks to have more African American male presence in events and organizations, something that is lacking at the University of Oklahoma.

"The saying, I am my brother's keeper, means that we are accountable for one another as brothers," Brandon Oldham said, current SAAB president.

Oldham said that SAAB was found on this campus three years ago after inspiration from a conference."It (SAAB) shows that we are all in this together, everybody has the same aspirations," Oldham said.

SAAB looks to strengthen their communities so that they can branch out to others.

SAAB will be holding elections for positions next Wednesday 8 p.m. at the HTCC. 

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