Thursday, April 2, 2009

Students eating a free meal  at the Cultural Food Fair hosted by the Muslim Student Association. The purpose was to celebrate the third pillar of Islam, Ramadan.

Islamic Awareness Week at OU
The Muslim Student Association are hosting Islam Awareness Week displaying the Five Pillars of Islam. On Wednesday night, Muslim Student Association with others celebrated the third pillar which is Ramadan. 

Ramadan involves fasting from sunup to sundown for a higher cause."It's supposed to teach you self-discipline and patience and bring you closer to god," Anum Syed said president of the Muslim Student Association.

On Monday, MSA engaged in a discussion about their faith to Islam (Shahadah). On Tuesday, they watched a PBS documentary detailing Hajj which is the pilgrimage to Mecca. 

Throughout the semester, MSA has held their Islamic faith by raising money for Pennies for Peace. 

"Helping those that are less fortunate is very universal. It a simple part of humanity and we wanted to show that Islam puts it emphasis on charity,"  Syed said.

Islam Awareness Week will continue today with a guess speaker on the importance of Zakat (charity) 7:30p.m. Dale Hall Rm. 218.  Tea will be served.  

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