Thursday, March 12, 2009

Connie Byers of American Red Cross demonstrating how to do proper CPR. 
Sigma Lambda Beta hosted the event.

Student Group Seeks to help peers before Spring Break

Connie Byers of the American Red Cross visited the University of Oklahoma for Victor Correa CPR Awareness Day Thursday evening at the HTCC. Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity hosted the event.

"It seemed to be a pretty good turnout," Luis Vargas said, vice president of Sigma Lambda Beta. "Hopefully the people here will be using this knowledge for spring break."

Victor Correa was member of Sigma Lambda Beta who passed away. " As we can see from today it's fairly simple to administer CPR and we hope we can keep that in that in mind and nothing like that would happen again," Vargas said.

Byers gave a demonstration on how to do CPR properly. "You can't believe the large percentage of people are there in the hospital because they got hurt trying help somebody," Byers said. "It great to help somebody, but what good are you if you are gonna get injured too."

The American Red Cross offers CPR training online at "You will be certified for three years," Byers said.

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